What You Get in a Puppy from Culandubh Kennel

When you purchase a puppy from Culandubh Kennels, it will have been carefully selected by Laurel to meet the requirements you have identified. It will have had his/her first set of puppy vaccinations and have been de-wormed. (See Common Questions for currrent pricing.)

Our pups come with a health warrantee for major hereditary defects up until two years of age. Click here for a copy of our sales contract. You will receive its CKC registration within six months of date of purchase. Your pup will also have been registered for six weeks of pet insurance (up to $750) with PetSecure commencing 48 hours from when you pick up your puppy.

Your pup will be toilet trained in the puppy rearing area, which will simply and quickly make the transition to house training with the house training and crate training instructions that you will receive from Laurel.

Laurel commences training the pups at six weeks of age. By the time the pups go home at eight weeks of age, they have been taught to Here, Sit, Sit Right Side, Sit Left Side, Here on a whistle command, Sit on a whistle command, Sit for their food bowl, and Down.

From that starting point, Laurel offers free obedience/early hunt obedience using her advanced puppy training program. These are individual training sessions, with no limit to the number of lessons. For families that do not reside close enough to take advantage of the lessons, Laurel has written up the training lessons and makes them available through this site's Members' Area.

Laurel and Ross also offer whatever advice and assistance they can for any dog issues for the lifetime of your Culandubh dog.

Common Questions

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit the Common Questions page.

Eight-week old lab puppies from Culandubh Kennel Eight-week old lab puppies on training course