Pet Portraits

Eastern Ontario Pet Portraits by Laurel Cook

In addition to her passion for puppy training and raising the best Labrador Retrievers in Canada - perhaps the world - Laurel loves to capture the personality of dogs in paintings and intarsia wood inlay. Read more about Laurel's unique style in Capturing Dog Moments in the May 2011 issue of The Humm.

About the Artist

Laurel has been painting with acrylics for the past 20 years and has been specializing in pet portraits for the past six years. Her experience with so many animals in the kennel has given her a real insight into capturing the individuality of each animal.

Although she is primarily a self-taught artist she completed her Creative Artist Certification at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

Laurel enjoys painting portraits on unique items such as furniture, paddles, wooden TV tables, milk cans, tiles, saw blades and particularly items that have special meaning to the owners.

In partnership with woodworking artist Bruce Gilchrist, who passed away in 2014, Laurel also created unique pet portraits using intarsia, a wood inlay technique.

Where you can see Laurel's work

Evey year Laurel takes part in the Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour and Art in the Attic in Lanark County.

Pricing and Commissions

Pricing is dependant upon the size of portait and the extent of work and painting required for the item on which the portrait will be painted.

For an estimate please contact the Laurel at:

Laurel's Portfolio

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Culandubh Gothic by Laurel Cook Little Man dog portrait by Laurel Cook Portrait of a lab by Laurel Cook Intarsia by Laurel Cook and Bruce Gilchrist