Mississippi Vet Services

Our invaluable partner

One of the most critical elements for a breeder is their relationship with their veterinarian. It is hard to find a veterinary clinic that handles canine reproduction such as progesterone readings and artificial insemination. Very few will take the phone call in the wee hours of the morning when things are not going well with a whelping or neo natal puppies, nor do emergency caesarian-sections at night. We have found an invaluable vet clinic for breeders; for over twenty years we have been privileged to work with Dr Nancy Caven and the staff at Mississippi Veterinary Services (MVS) in Pakenham.

Most importantly, MVS, is continuously increasing their knowledge of advances in canine reproduction and improving their delivery of service in this area. In 2001, after attending a seminar on canine reproduction featuring Dr Hutchison, one of the world's leading experts in canine reproduction, I asked Dr Caven if she would consider doing surgical implant of frozen canine semen. At that time this procedure was only available at Guelph or other large canine reproduction centers that were a considerable distance to travel. After some research, Dr Caven was soon performing the insemination. In 2008, Animal Planet did a five part documentary titled Breeders of the Pack. One of the episodes was filmed at MVS and showed Dr Caven performing a caesarean section on a Dogue de Bordeaux.

In 2011, after having experienced a devastating case of canine herpes, we heard from Dr Fontaine of the Centre de Reproduction des Animaux in Paris, France, of a canine herpes vaccine that had been developed in Europe that has helped eliminate most cases of mortality of very young puppies due to this disease. Working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Dr Caven was one of the first two vets in Canada to import the vaccine to assist breeders.

At present, Dr Caven is researching information on newly developed treatments of pyometra, another disease of great concern for breeders.

Mississippi Veterinary Clinic