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Art In The Attic

I will be participating in Art In The Attic at Almonte Old Town Hall (14 Bridge St) on Mothers’...
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Did you know?

Jumping Up

A dog jumps up in greeting and to ask for attention. He is asking for touch, talk and eye contact. Many people make the mistake of reacting to their puppy jumping by saying NO, pushing the pup down and petting him to keep him from jumping up again and talking to him. Which reinforces the bad behaviour by giving the dog just what it wanted - attention. The first line of defense is when a pup is young and first starts to jump, turn away and ignore him - No touch, No talk, No eye contact. Then when the pup has given up on jumping, call him over and have him sit. The second line of defense is counter conditioning. A detailed article on counter conditioning can be found in the Resources section on this website.

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