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Art In The Attic

I will be participating in Art In The Attic at Almonte Old Town Hall (14 Bridge St) on Mothers’...
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Food Stealing / Counter Surfing

The easiest way to stop this behaviour is to not let it happen in the first place. Keep your counters and coffee tables clear of food. When you are preparing food in the kitchen and your puppy is with you, make certain that he has a toy or something to chew on so that he is not tempted to try to get something off the counter. If you cannot keep your eye on your pup while you are preparing food or if you need to leave food on the counter, put the pup in his crate. If your dog succeeds a few times in stealing food, you will be swimming upstream because no matter what you do, the behavior has been reinforced. If your dog has already attempted or started to counter surf, go to the Resources section on this website for several articles on how to address the problem.

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