Dog Training

To read about the training offered at Culandubh Kennel, please visit the Hunting Training (for hunt trialers and hunters) and Puppy Obedience. We also share information about the annual CKC Hunt Test hosted by Culandubh.

Ross McLaughlin

With more than two decades of obedience, gun dog and hunt test training experience, Ross is widely regarded on the Canadian scene as a top-notch trainer and training resource. In addition to his day-to-day experience training at Culandubh Kennel, Ross has:

  • Served as a Qualified Judge for CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Junior, Senior and Master Hunt Tests and Working Certificates
  • Successfully titled numerous dogs including one of the first five labradors in Canada to recieve title of CKC GRAND MASTER HUNTER!
  • Been an active supporter of wildlife conservation

Laurel Cook

With a focus firmly on breeding and raising the best labradors and early obedience for puppies, Laurel is well known for her unique and effective puppy obedience training program. This program sets the stage for beautifully behaved family and companion dogs.

Kelly Crosbie

Our kennel assistant Kelly has been training with Ross for the past few years and has successfully titled several dogs. She assists not only in the maintenance of the kennel and care of boarding dogs, but also in the training of dogs and puppies.

Canadian hunting dog trainer Ross McLaughlin Canadian dog trainer Laurel Cook Culandubh's kennel assistant Kelly Crosbie