CKC Hunt Test

Hunt Tests for Retrievers

There are three levels one for young and inexperienced dogs, one for dogs in the transition stage who are starting to do multiple marks and basic blinds and finally a level for what are called master dogs where almost anything to do with retrievers is a go). These can be the most exciting and also the most difficult hunting (simulated) that you may ever come across.

There are hunt tests up the valley as well as just across into Quebec and into SW Ontario if you have a mind to travel. These tests are all run under rules set by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). The tests are set up to simulate hunting conditions with your working retriever and if you and your dog (please note that it takes both of you) pass the standards required you earn points towards a hunting title (Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, and Master Hunter). Not only do these tests ensure you train your dog but they also make you learn more about dog training while preparing your dog mentally and physically for the up coming hunting season.

CKC Hunt Test at Culandubh

Ross and Laurel have been organising and hosting a CKC Hunt Test in the Clayton area since 1995. It has grown to be one of the better known events with both anglophone and francophone judges and participants, a trailer and camping space at Ross' and Laurel's, a pig roast on Sat evening and much more.

It was selected as the venue for filming an episode from Animal Planet's Breeders of the Pack. Check the Kennel News on the website's homepage for updates on the hunt test.

2012 Hunt Test Photos

Click here to view a gallery of the 2012 Eastern Ontario Hunt Test hosted by Culandubh Kennel.

Labrador retriever with handler at 2012 Eastern Ontario Hunt Test Master labrador retriever at 2012 CKC Hunt Test in Eastern Ontario Ribbons for 2012 Eastern Ontario Hunt Test