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Culandubh Kennels

Ontario Labrador Retrievers

355 Bowland Road
RR2 Clayton, ON

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Mon-Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 1pm
Sun: 3pm - 7pm


Ross McLaughlin and Laurel Cook of Culandubh Kennels

We purchased our first labrador in 1988. When our pup was six months old, a friend invited us as spectators at a Retriever Field Trial. We were amazed at the capabilities of the dogs and also that most of the competitors were hobbyists and not professional dog trainers. We thought we would really enjoy the sport and soon we were hooked.

We soon acquired two more dogs and also decided to become a breeding kennel. Our number of breeding dogs increased as our breeding program developed. Ross became an avid dog trainer, honing his skills through experience, literature, seminars and working with more advanced trainers.

When Hunt Tests were introduced, Ross quickly became a keen competitor. He felt that he should also contribute to the sport by qualifying and volunteering as a judge at many hunt tests and still does so every year. In 1995, we also began hosting an annual hunt test.

By 1996, when Ross retired from the military we decided to expand our kennel business to include boarding services. We implemented the same daily routine of exercise and socialisation that we follow for our own dogs to keep them fit, healthy and happy in order to meet the demands of their training regime.

When Laurel retired from the military in 2003, she was able to take more time to do research and to attend seminars in order to breed more intelligent, more trainable, stronger and healthier retrievers. Our breeding, puppy rearing and puppy training became one of the most extensive programs you will find.

Laurel has always enjoyed painting and in the past few years has been able to pursue her art more avidly. Although primarily self-taught, she has taken several courses, during which she feels that one instructor gave her what she considers her most valuable piece of advice; Paint Your Passion. So naturally her art reflects her love of dogs.

Kelly Crosbie of K Country Kennels

In 2009, at the age of sixteen, Kelly purchased a Culandubh puppy and immediately started training with Ross. On the weekends she also worked at a local vet clinic. Upon completing high school, Kelly decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dog trainer and breeder and started working full time at Culandubh Kennels.

Kelly has eagerly absorbed all of the knowledge of training hunting dogs that Ross can pass on to her and she has studied and adopted the full breeding program and puppy program that Ross and Laurel have developed over 30 years. She has now established her own K Country Kennels where she has integrated much of the Culandubh bloodlines. Moreover, she continues to research and incorporate new information and techniques as they develop.

Kelly has now qualified as a CKC judge and has also begun organizing an annual hunt test.

As we begin to approach our retirement, we count ourselves truly lucky that we have found someone as capable as Kelly to whom we could pass on all of our knowledge and experience and whom we know will continue to grow and improve the program to even higher levels.

Lanark dog boarding - outside run at Culandubh Kennel Culandubh's custom dog transport vehicle Gun dog training by Ross McLaughlin at Culandubh Kennel Laurel Cook of Culandubh Kennel Lab puppies in enrichment program Rider